Filipino Official Fired for Inflated Estimate of Typhoon Deaths

Typhoon Haiyan killed closer to 2,500 people, not 10,000

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The Filipino official who estimated that 10,000 people may have died during supertyphoon Haiyan has been fired, a government news agency reports.

Elmer Soria, the chief superintendent for the central province Leyte, was “relieved from his post” after publicizing the estimate, according to the Philippines News Agency, which is under control of the president’s office. Earlier, the report states, Soria was admonished because “a police official should base his statements from correct figures.”

Yesterday, President Benigno Aquino said 10,000 deaths was “too high” and that 2,500 appeared more precise. “There was emotional drama involved with that particular estimate,” he added. The most recent official death toll remains 2,357 but is expected to rise as emergency-services officials, first-responders and journalists reach additional hard-hit areas.

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