Toronto City Council To Crack Mayor: Please Step Down!

Rob Ford says he won't and that even though he ‘effed up’ he’s still — what else? — a role model for children

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Mark Blinch / Reuters

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during council at City Hall in Toronto, on Nov. 13, 2013.

City councilors in Toronto pleaded with embattled Mayor Rob Ford to resign and seek help after he admitted to buying illegal drugs while in office during a heated debate at City Hall on Wednesday.

The debate comes fresh after the mayor’s admission last week that he had smoked crack cocaine during a “drunken stupor.” Reports also continue to surface that Ford has allegedly been partying with prostitutes and driving drunk during his tenure in office.

“I am not an addict of any sort, so I am not quite sure why you are saying that I need help,” Ford told members of the city council, who unanimously voted in favor of a non-binding motion asking Ford to resign, according to a report in Reuters. Regardless of the motion, Ford remains adamant that he will not step down.

At one point during the grilling, Ford delivered a thinly veiled threat suggesting he knew of other city councilors who had engaged in illicit activity while in office — but he later went on to reassure his audience that he was not a “rat.”

Despite his apparent appetite for narcotics, Ford insisted during the debate that he supported the police force and that he was “a positive role model in kids that are down and out.”