Good News, London Partiers: Tube Will Run 24 Hours on Weekends

Plans for '21st-century tube service' will extend operating hours, but cut hundreds of jobs

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Late-night revelers in the British capital can extend their party-hardy hours: the London Underground will soon run 24-hours-a-day on weekends.

By 2015, London’s subway system will run around the clock on weekends, part of the planned “21st-century Tube service” that will include Wi-Fi coverage, track modernization and a system to buy tickets with direct bank payments.

The proposed changes haven’t come without controversy. The Independent reports that the plans also call for cutting about 750 jobs with the closure of most ticket offices. The union representing rail workers called that plan hypocritical, saying that London Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to keep the ticket offices open. 

Johnson called the Tube, “the beating heart of London,” and said it is time to take the Tube to the next level. Currently, Tube service closes around 1 a.m. on weekends and doesn’t start again until about 6 a.m.

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