Brits Get Less Busy But More Experimental in the Bedroom

Frequency is down to three times a month, but number of partners is up

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DEREK WADE / British Ministry of Defence / handout / EPA

Members of the Honourable Artillery Company firing a Royal Salute from Gun Wharf at HM Palace and Fortress, The Tower of London, July 23, 2013.

A new study shows that Britons may be having less sex, but they’re spicing up what remains of their dwindling love lives with a greater variety of sexual activities and partners, according to the Associated Press.

A survey of more than 15,000 Britons revealed that half of respondents were having sex three times a month, a marked drop from the 1990 average of five times a month. One scientist noted to AP that the decline in sexual activity coincides with the rise of mobile technology, which makes it easier to go to bed beside a glowing screen rather than attempting to seduce a glowering human being.

While the frequency of sex is on the decline, the number of partners is on the rise. Women recorded a jump from four to eight sex partners; men jumped from nine to 12. Same-sex encounters rose for women, but flatlined for men, and a growing number of both sexes say they have explored more than one orifice.

If variety is the spice of life, then Britons have taken it up a notch in the bedroom, even if the portions might leave them wanting.