Prince Harry On Antarctic Trek: Will Is ‘Jealous I Managed To Get Away From His Screaming Child’

The Prince is trekking 12 miles a day to the South Pole as part of a trek to raise awareness for wounded veterans.

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Prince Harry has joined a British team of wounded soldiers in a race against injured American vets to the South Pole. He and his team of four amputees from the British armed forces are expected to trek 12 miles a day.

“So what if it’s minus 50. So what if 90 mile winds,” he told CBS from Base Camp before the Walking with the Wounded trek. “Occasionally, you’ve got to put yourself through that.”

ABC reports that Prince Harry joked his brother Prince William, newly a father, is envious of his arctic adventure.

“I think he’s quite jealous I managed to get away from his screaming child,” Harry said.