3 Wolves Killed After Escape from British Zoo

Officials say the animals were dangerous and they had no choice but to fire on the m.

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Three wolves who escaped from a British zoo were shot and killed Tuesday following a chase that included dozens of officers, armed zookeepers and a police helicopter.

Officials said the animals from the Colchester Zoo, about 30 miles north of London, posed a risk to the public and they had no choice but to kill them. One of the three spent almost eight hours on the loose.

Another wolf returned to the zoo and a fifth was recaptured with a dart after the group escaped through a broken fence as the zoo.


The Colchester Zoo posted a statement to its website saying the zoo keepers were “devastated” by the wolves’ deaths.

On Tuesday the local police department, apparently under criticism for the death of the wolves, said the incident was the “responsibility of” the zoo. It remains unclear who actually fired on the animals.

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