The Teletubbies Could Hit North Korea

The BBC and the British government want to air programming in the isolated country

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The Teletubbies might be coming to North Korea.

The British government is hoping to soften relations with the isolated country by exporting BBC television programs, the Sunday Times newspaper reports. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of Britain’s public service broadcasting body, is in talks with North Korea’s state-run television channel to screen a variety of programs,

“I have always believed what brought down the Berlin Wall was not highbrow diplomacy but Dallas and Dynasty,” an unnamed senior British diplomatic source told the newspaper.

The British Foreign Secretary said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is assisting BBC Worldwide in picking a range of suitable programs that could be shown on North Korean TV, the Sunday Times reports. Possible options include popular soaps like EastEnders, to help showcase British life, and the children’s program the Teletubbies, which has no dialogue.

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