German Teen Raped in India on Her Way to do Charity Work

Second reported sexual attack on a tourist this week

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An 18-year-old German was allegedly raped on Friday after falling asleep on a train heading to Chennai in southeastern India, where she was going to do volunteer work with a charity.

“The young lady took several days to muster courage to report to the police,” Inspector General of Police Seema Agarwal told NDTV. “Though it’s too late for medical examination, we have handled the case in a very sensitive manner.”

The attack brings the toll of publicized rapes on foreigners in the country to two in just a week, after a 51-year-old Danish woman was allegedly gang-raped in New Delhi on Tuesday.

India has become notorious for sexual violence since 2012, when the savage gang-rape and murder of a young woman in New Delhi sent shockwaves around the world for its brutality.

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