Report: Ukraine President Offers Concessions to Protestors

Yanukovych reportedly promises a government reshuffle and amnesty for jailed demonstrators

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Etienne De Malglaive / Getty Images

Vitali Klitschko , an opposition leader and former world champion boxer, visits the barricade to address protesters in Kiev on Jan. 23.

Ukraine’s president has reportedly promised a government reshuffle and a pledge of amnesty that includes activists detained during mass demonstrations against his leadership.

News agencies including Interfax reported that President Viktor Yanukovych vowed at a meeting with religious leaders on Friday to hold a special meeting with Parliament next Tuesday, Jan. 28, the Associated Press reports. As a result, he said, lawmakers would approve changes to his cabinet, grant amnesty to dozens of jailed activists, and adjust other strict anti-protest legislation.

Months of mass protests against Yanukovych have paralyzed the capital city of Kiev after the president’s decision in November to opt against signing an E.U. association deal in favor of closer relations with Russia. At least two protesters were killed this week during bloody clashes with police, days after Parliament banned and criminalized much of the protesters’ activities.