E.U. Calls for New Government and Elections in Ukraine

President Viktor Yanukovych's crackdown against ongoing protests alarms the organization

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The protests continue in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and the crackdown on them have now caused the European Union to call for a new government

The E.U. is toughening its stance on Ukraine, rebuking President Viktor Yanukovych and calling for a new government to be formed.

In a joint statement by the 28 foreign ministers of member states, the bloc urged Yanukovych to allow for “a new and inclusive government, constitutional reform bringing more balance of powers, and preparations for free and fair presidential elections.”

Signatories expressed concern regarding recent violence, “cases of missing persons, torture and intimidation” and “continuous cases of deliberate targeting of organizers and participants of peaceful protests as well as of journalists.”

Anti-government protests broke out in Ukraine around three months ago after Yanukovych announced that he would sign a loan package from Russia instead of a free-trade agreement with the E.U.