Islamist Militants Accused of Village Massacre in Nigeria

Boko Haram reportedly rounded up and murdered dozens of civilians

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Soldiers from Lagos, part of an expected 1,000 reinforcements sent to Adamawa state to fight Boko Haram Islamists, walk near trucks as they arrive with the 23rd Armoured Brigade in Yola May 20, 2013.

Reports surfaced over the weekend that an Islamic insurgent group may have been behind a grisly village massacre of dozens of people in northeast Nigeria.

According to the BBC, Boko Haram attacked the village of Izghe on Saturday, where villagers were shot or had their throats slit by the militants.

“All the dead bodies of the victims are still lying in the streets,” resident Abubakar Usman told Reuters.

The militant group currently occupies Nigeria’s northeastern hinterlands where they’ve battled government troops and wreaked havoc on locals for more than a decade in the hope of establishing an Islamic state.