Austin Ramzy

Austin Ramzy has been a Beijing correspondent for TIME since 2007. An Iowa native, he graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Asian Studies and completed journalism school at the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked at TIME Asia's Hong Kong office.

Articles from Contributor

China’s ‘Jasmine Revolution’ Crackdown Shows No Sign of Easing

More than a month after an online call for anti-government protests in major Chinese cities, a crackdown on dissent continues. On Friday writer Ran Yunfei, who has been in police custody since February 19, was formally arrested on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power,” the advocacy group Human Rights in China …

In China’s “Jasmine” Crackdown, Image Matters

After the paranoid and sometimes violent response to yesterday’s thwarted “jasmine rallies,” a question hangs in the air: why would a government that seems so strong react with such fear? After all, few think that China will experience its own Middle Eastern-style “jasmine revolution.” The story from yesterday’s protest sites, at least …

Washing Away a Call to Protest in Beijing

Any hint of “jasmine revolution” in Beijing was swept away Sunday, first by legions of police, then by trucks spraying water onto a shopping street in the center of the Chinese capital. There was no sign of protest, and once again the turnout was largely security forces, foreign reporters and curious tourists.

Anonymous organizers …

A New Call for Protests in China

Days after an unsuccessful attempt at importing the Arab spring uprisings to China, a group of anonymous online organizers is trying again. In a posting on an overseas website popular with Chinese dissidents, they’ve called for further demonstrations every Sunday in 13 major Chinese cities. Last Sunday’s attempted “jasmine …

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