Bobby Ghosh

TIME’s International Editor, Aparisim ‘Bobby’ Ghosh is a frequent writer and commentator on world affairs.

Articles from Contributor

How Yemen May Defeat al-Qaeda

In this week’s magazine, TIME reports from the frontlines of Yemen’s war with the al-Qaeda franchise in its midst. It’s a battle the Yemenis are winning.

Tragedy Strikes Our Tribe, Again

To conflict journalists, a tiny, tight-knit tribe, tragedy is practically an occupational requirement: our work requires us to seek it out, measure it, contextualize it, and chronicle it. It’s impossible to be totally …

Anthony Shadid: The Best of Our Breed

I know how chefs feel about Ferran Adrià, musicians about Bruce Springsteen, economists about Amartya Sen. I felt that way about Anthony Shadid: total and utter awe. In an era blessed with more than its fair share of brilliant …

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