Catherine Mayer

Catherine Mayer is Time Editor at Large and the author of the 2011 book Amortality: The Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly. Her biography of Prince Charles will be published in February 2015. Follow her on Twitter: @catherine_mayer Photograph: Cindy Palmano

Articles from Contributor

The Aghast List: Guess Who’s Not Coming to the Royal Wedding

Tomorrow’s wedding—yes, that one—is termed a semi-state occasion. And it seems that the House of Windsor and Her Majesty’s Government have got themselves into a semi-state about it. Hear that screeching? It’s the noise of palace machinery being thrown into reverse as representatives of dodgy regimes are disinvited, while Tony Blair …

Hugh Grant’s Finest Acting Role: As a Journalist

The actor’s name is associated with many things—English charm (Hugh Grant can “twinkle for Britain,” the screenwriter and director Richard Curtis told me as I researched this piece about Grant’s on- and off-screen rival Colin Firth); a weakness for beautiful women including Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Khan; and a weakness for less

Washington Seizes Up and Suddenly Coalitions Don’t Look So Bad

On May 5, Britons are invited to vote in a referendum about voting. They will decide whether to abandon the U.K.’s current first-past-the-post elections (FPTP) in favor of an Alternative Vote (AV) system, which isn’t really much different from FPTP except that voters rank candidates in order of preference, and as candidates are …

Cold Case: How Libya’s Revolution Might Solve a 1984 Murder

One April evening in 1984, an after-work drink took a surreal turn. On the way to a bar, we skirted a police cordon at the entrance to St James’s Square in central London; we had barely lifted our pints before armed officers clattered into our midst and informed us that the cordon had been extended. We were not to leave. The Libyan …

Better Late than Never? British MPs Vote for Libya No-Fly Zone

Here’s an example of democracy in action, a privilege Western politicians are keen to extend as widely as possible. Today, members of Britain’s House of Commons discussed the wisdom of enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. At 10.17 pm, almost seven hours after the start of their debate and more than three days after the establishment of …

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