Emily Rauhala

Emily is TIME's Beijing Correspondent. She was previously Associate Editor at the magazine's Hong Kong bureau.

Articles from Contributor

Ripples of a Revolution: A Jasmine Crackdown in Vietnam

Nguyen Dan Que heard the call for revolution. But so did the government. On Feb. 28, the 68-year-old doctor and dissident was detained by Vietnamese authorities for posting internet messages that threatened the “stability and strength” of the country’s ruling party. He has since been released, but must attend daily “interrogation …

Why ‘Domestic’ Work is a Global Issue

If there was a runner-up award for oldest profession, ‘servant’ would certainly have a shot. But domestic work, like sex work, is rarely treated as real labor, which explains in part why domestic laborers are all-too-often abused, their triumphs downplayed, their work swept under the door. It also explains why, despite links to slavery, …

Libya, China and the Myth of ‘No-Strings’ Investment

Beijing is scrambling to get tens of thousands of people out of Libya after a wave of attacks on Chinese oilfields, construction sites and work camps. As the state-run China Daily reported prominently this morning, about 12,000 Chinese nationals were evacuated by charter plane, ocean liner and bus. State media area playing up the …

China: On Literary Censorship and ‘Castrated Writing’

In December 2010, Murong Xuecun won the People’s Literature Prize. To mark the occasion, the young writer prepared some remarks on literature and free expression. But, before he reached the podium, he was stopped. His speech on censorship had been censored.

This week, he traveled to Hong Kong to deliver that speech. In a talk that …

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