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Famine in Somalia: How Do You Feed Four Million Hungry People?

As 13 million in the Horn of Africa seek food assistance, aid workers are facing unique political and logistical challenges in helping an estimated 3.7 Somalis facing the threat of malnutrition and starvation.

While international organizations such as UNICEF and UNHCR, the U.N.’s refugee agency, work with local governments to …

From Malawi to Senegal, Signs of a Sub-Saharan ‘Arab Spring’

After months of growing economic struggles, the southern African country of Malawi erupted into protests last week. Rioters took to the streets nationwide last Wednesday to protest the perceived mismanagement of the national economy and an impending fuel shortage. These protesters also stormed the offices of the ruling Democratic …

China’s Religious War: Cardinal Zen Talks Beijing and the Vatican

For the third time in a year, China has declared war on the Vatican, according to one preeminent Cardinal. The Chinese government-sanctioned Catholic Church ordained Joseph Huang Bingzhang as a Catholic bishop July 14 in the city of Shantou, in southern Guangdong province. The move was made despite the express opposition of the Pope. …

No Bikes for You: Nigeria Bans Motorcycles in Terror-Struck City

Officials in Maiduguri, Nigeria’s seventh largest city and capital of northeastern Borno State, banned motorbikes earlier this week in a bid to curb militant activities borne on the backs of these ubiquitous vehicles.

Yet even though nearly 7,000 innocent Nigerians have now found their livelihoods on the wrong side of the law, the …

What Happens When Journalists Take on Pakistan’s ISI

Omar Waraich examines for TIME what happens when a Pakistani journalist dares to criticize the powerful Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. Although the ISI was originally conceived as an external intelligence agency, it has a profound influence on Pakistan’s domestic politics, and is now widely accused of carrying out …

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