Kayla Webley

Kayla Webley is a staff writer at TIME, which she joined as a writer-reporter in 2010. She covers education for the magazine and for Time.com and also writes about social issues such as religion and social networking. She graduated from the University of Washington and the Medill Graduate School of Journalism at Northwestern University and interned at TIME Asia's headquarters in Hong Kong in 2009.

Articles from Contributor

Caught in the International Adoption Slowdown

On a September day in 2008 Gabrielle Shimkus was driving home when her husband Frank called with the good news. They have a son for us, he told her. Later that day, a picture of the boy—a tiny, two-and-half-month-old orphan in …

Tongue Tied: How Budget Cuts to International Education Will Hurt the U.S.

When Congress handed down the budget resolution for the 2011 fiscal year in April, widespread cuts were to be expected. But when an eleventh hour cut to international education programs was wedged in, those Americans whose job it is to know about the rest of the world saw it as an assault both on their studies and U.S. diplomacy around …