Must-Reads Around the World, May 9, 2012

Warring Words – China’s state-run Global Times issues its most threatening commentary yet on the continuing standoff with the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea. Under the headline “Peace Will Be a Miracle …

Must-Reads From Around the World: April 25, 2012

Preventing Atrocities Overseas – Scrutinizing the mandate of President Barack Obama’s newly created Atrocities Prevention Board, tasked with developing strategies to prevent mass killings abroad, the Christian Science Monitor

Must-Reads from Around the World: April 4, 2012

Perilous Path – The Independent of London reports on how the already dangerous journey for refugees fleeing the violence in Syria has become even deadlier in recent weeks as President Bashar al-Assad attempts to tighten control of the country’s borders with fresh landmines, according to the paper’s interviews with aid workers and fleeing …

Can China Help Avert a Looming War in Sudan?

When you’re wanted by the International Criminal Court and subject to possible arrest when abroad, travel can be a problem. So perhaps it’s not surprising that Omar Hassan al-Bashir trip to Beijing this week ran into problems from the start. Sudan’s president arrived a day late after his flight from Tehran was forced to turn back …

The Borderlands Between North and South Sudan Get Bloodier

Tensions in Sudan ­– which many observers hoped had turned a corner following this January’s Southern Sudanese independence referendum – have boiled over in yet another round of ethnic bloodletting in this battered and impoverished nation. This time, forces serving President Omar al-Bashir’s Arab-dominated government are reportedly …

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