Ishaan Tharoor

Ishaan is a Senior Editor at TIME magazine and Editor of TIME World, based in New York City. A New Yorker (by upbringing) and an Indian (by passport), he joined TIME's Asia headquarters in Hong Kong after graduating from Yale in 2006. Since then, he has covered international geo-politics extensively for the magazine and, ranging from Maoist camps in Nepal to the corridors of trans-Atlantic power in Brussels.

Articles from Contributor

Does Pakistan Really Want a Stable Afghanistan?

In recent weeks, ties between Islamabad and Washington have grown more strained than a cup of sickly sweet South Asian chai. A prolonged kerfuffle over Raymond Davis, the American CIA agent who gunned down two Pakistani men allegedly pursuing him in Lahore, sparked protests across the country and triggered a diplomatic crisis that, while …

Couch Potato Briefing: U.S. Civil War Special Edition

In a slight departure from our usual international fare, this week’s installment of rental movies to watch over the weekend is all about the U.S. Civil War — the country marked the 150th anniversary of the war’s eruption on April 12.



There is no more …

After Gbagbo’s Arrest, What’s Next for the Ivory Coast?


Laurent Gbagbo, Ivory Coast’s isolated and besieged strongman, was finally seized by opposition forces in the country’s biggest city, Abidjan. His arrest follows weeks of bloodletting and mayhem in the West African country, fueled in large part by Gbago’s stubborn refusal to accept …

Ivory Coast: As Violence Intensifies, U.N. Finally Enters the Fray

For weeks, the U.N.’s mission in the Ivory Coast has sat pinned down in its quarters, watching as this West African country lurched toward civil war. An escalating conflict between the rival forces of Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara has led to hundreds, probably thousands of deaths and has displaced, by some counts, over a million …

Syria’s Alawites: The Minority Sect In the Halls of Power

In Syria, the house that the Assads built is facing its greatest challenge in decades. The country’s entire cabinet — in power since 2003 — resigned Mar. 29, in a bid by President Bashar Assad to nip a burgeoning uprising in the bud. Hundreds of thousands have reportedly rallied in support of the regime, following a fierce …

In Cairo, Revolutionary Zeal Turns Into Revolutionary Tchotchkes

The following post is by reporter and videojournalist Jesse Hardman

Egypt’s Jan. 25 uprising might have freed the country politically, but it also significantly disrupted the local economy. Around Cairo, with tourism dead and business in general down, people are looking for ways to stay afloat financially. Many have turned to the …

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