Ishaan Tharoor

Ishaan is a Senior Editor at TIME magazine and Editor of TIME World, based in New York City. A New Yorker (by upbringing) and an Indian (by passport), he joined TIME's Asia headquarters in Hong Kong after graduating from Yale in 2006. Since then, he has covered international geo-politics extensively for the magazine and, ranging from Maoist camps in Nepal to the corridors of trans-Atlantic power in Brussels.

Articles from Contributor

Libya: Another Graveyard of Empires?

With U.S. and European strikes now pounding Libyan government positions, a new chapter is being written in the long and bloody history of Western military intervention in North Africa. At present, it seems unlikely that foreign governments will deploy boots on the ground. But here are some invasions of Libya that didn’t go quite as …

TIME Reporter Expelled from Yemen

The following comes from TIME’s News Director Howard Chua-Eoan

TIME’s reporter in Yemen Oliver Holmes phoned in to report that he and the reporters for the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times are being deported by the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The ostensible reason given by the government was that Holmes, Haley …

Japan and the Quake: A Long History of Living with Disaster

The tremors of Japan’s monstrous March 11 earthquake are still being felt as state officials and rescue workers come to grips with the rising body count, a scare over a damaged nuclear plant and the prospect of more aftershocks. Concerns also deepen over the health of the Japanese economy, which has been in the doldrums for years. The …

Inside the World of Egypt’s Secret Police

TIME’s remarkable Photo department offers up one more treat: this weekend, hundreds of Egyptians ransacked the offices of the country’s reviled state security organization, an institution run out of the Interior Ministry that monitored, detained, intimidated and tortured countless Egyptians over the years. Now, the tables have …

How Soccer Explains the Middle East

A soccer game was held yesterday in the West Bank. That may not be quite out of the ordinary in this soccer-mad part of the world, but the teams competing were: on one side, you had Thailand, and the other, Palestine. A qualifying tournament for the 2012 Olympics, this was the first ever internationally-sanctioned game in the Occupied …

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