Ishaan Tharoor

Ishaan is a Senior Editor at TIME magazine and Editor of TIME World, based in New York City. A New Yorker (by upbringing) and an Indian (by passport), he joined TIME's Asia headquarters in Hong Kong after graduating from Yale in 2006. Since then, he has covered international geo-politics extensively for the magazine and, ranging from Maoist camps in Nepal to the corridors of trans-Atlantic power in Brussels.

Articles from Contributor

EXCLUSIVE: Is Yemen’s Saleh Set to Step Down?

Update: TIME quoted a government source claiming President Saleh had agreed to a five-point proposal circulated by the opposition. That proposal included his stepping down within nine months. However, the source later said that the proposals that the regime looked favorably on were not the same as those circulated earlier in the …

In Liberia, a Peace Activist Becomes a Mayor

This terrific video comes via TIME’s Multimedia Director Craig Duff, who offers the following introduction:

If peacemakers are indeed blessed, as a famous sermon once said, then Etweda Cooper can think big. As a founder of the Liberian Women’s Initiative, Cooper – who is better known as ‘Sugars’ Cooper – led demonstrations and …

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